Business Intelligence: more autonomy for Antara customers!

Business Intelligence: more autonomy for Antara customers!

For more than 80 years of history, Riba Guixà Spanish Tanner has been able to maintain the necessary quality standard in its products, thanks to a rigorous selection of the origin of the skins used, as well as the modernization of processes and facilities, which allowed a privileged position within the world of leather fashion in Europe, Asia and USA.

The fifth generation is already being prepared. Aleix Riba Baños has been visiting SystemHaus for 3 weeks, where he had the opportunity to meet our team and conduct a training. This training has broadened the knowledge of the client regarding the Antara database with the objective that they can generate their managerial analysis through the online access to the Antara database.

Getting to know Antara deeply and preparing data is the first step towards achieving this goal. In addition, appropriate techniques and tools must be used to ensure the integrity of the data. Before the construction of the BI vision, it is necessary to collect, process and analyze the data, transforming this amount of data into useful information and can really support management and decision making.

In Aleix`s opinion for building an efficient view of BI it is necessary to know beyond the business and the data structure of Antara, also the SQL (Structured Query Language) and the language of communication of database. He comments that knowing the SQL BI tool becomes something very easy to use.

Aleix also commented that:

"Training to learn how to extract data from Antara is essential. Knowing the database well is fundamental to working in BI`s. With the training I`ve received, you`ll be able to know the easy ways and ways to extract Antara data to build BI.”

Antara gathers data from tannery processes and BI collects, stores, organizes and treats these indicators. Aleix reports that by making important information available through dynamic and intuitive reports and graphs, it is possible to simplify the day-to-day business of the company by facilitating analysis and decision making. Through the tool it is possible to obtain the facility in the access and the crossing of data, mobility and, of course, much efficiency in the offered results.

Aleix concludes that after the training obtained, he will be able to work independently:

"I learned a lot, very constructive; I did not expect to learn all these. I understood a different logic in the subject of extracting and analyzing the data. I did not expect to change that design and it`s very good because it`s the basis for making efficient queries. In addition to this I learned that not only topics that I can apply in Riba but in other areas of work and that is great, I exceeded my expectations."

During these weeks of work some visions of BI were developed, but in Aleix`s opinion, the most important was training in knowing the Antara base, extracting data and developing queries so that it can now proceed independently by extracting data and generating their own visions of BI.

SystemHaus is a specialist in the leather market and dedicated to understanding the management and operational needs of tanneries of various sizes around the world. We have great appreciation for the results our customers obtain daily through Antara.

Since 2017, we are performing Business Intelligence projects in more than 15 tanneries and we are honored to know that in addition to user-friendly tool, our customers, where we develop this work, are satisfied with the results.

                                                                               Aleix Riba Baños and Dulce Debus

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