18 years of Systemhaus Mexico

18 years of Systemhaus Mexico

What were you doing today, 18 years ago?

Usually when someone asks us this question, we hesitate until we remember where we were, what we were doing and if the date marked us in any way.

For us, June 9, 2003, is a milestone, as it is the day we celebrate another year of our branch in Mexico. 18 years ago, Systemhaus opened its own office in the country, in pursuit of new business relationships. The decision, at the time, was made after attending FIMEC, when Systemhaus signed a contract with a tannery from the city of León, conquering the first international client: LEFARC.

Today, after 18 years of experience in the Mexican market, we can happily mention our 13 customers: LeFarc, Malpe, Acamex, Curtec, Tenerías Vargas, Curtidos JV, Fivax, Cueromex, Alfamex, Alfadry, PMP, Teknocuero and Americana de Cueros.

New projects, new businesses and new discoveries require maturation time, market understanding and business operation. For us, it was not different: we have faced challenges and new discoveries during these 18 years, however, because of the engagement and unity of our team, we have managed to conquer our customers in a completely new market.

Therefore, today we want to thank our entire Mexico and Brazil team for making our dream of entering the international market possible in 2003. We are also immensely grateful to our customers for trusting in our work. This office, as well as the ones in Brazil, Portugal, China and India, are part of the commitment and proximity to our customers, and the certainty that our products and services can make a difference for the companies around the world.

* Text prepared by Systemhaus Team.

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