Antara implementation brings award to Acamex

Antara implementation brings award to Acamex

On May 1, the State Award for Labor Merit 2019 was held in Guanajuato, Mexico.

In this event, 1,444 workers and unions of entities were recognized for their actions, improvements and innovations in which they contribute to increase the competitiveness, productivity and the organizational climate in their work environments. The awards were presented by the Governor of the State of Guanajuato, Mr. Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, and by the Secretary of Government Mr. Luis Ernesto Ayala Torres.

The secretary pointed out that the award recognizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers in the productive segment. In this year, 282 projects from 103 work centres related to this cause were conducted.

One of the awarded projects was leaded by Acabados Mexicanos S.A de CV (ACAMEX) tannery, which since 2004 makes part of our group of clients.

The award acknowledged ACAMEX (which recently upgraded Antara’s version) in the area of Innovation, Improvement of Processes and Products by the IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ANTARA PROGRAM.

SystemHaus is proud to be part of  Acamex history in the technological field, and to be able to support our client in the constant pursuit of better practices.

Get to know more about Acamex here. 

Luiz Ernesto Collazo, Javier David Valles Morales, Ana Laura Moreno Barroso, Angelica Luevano

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