Technological Trends for 2021

Technological Trends for 2021

The fourth industrial revolution is promoting several technological trends and one of them is Hyper-Automation. According to Gartner (2021), Hyperautomation is the ability to combine different technologies to solve problems and discover new opportunities. In this sense, some technologies are being used together in order to improve the results of organizations, namely: Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the mechanism that associates the physical world with the digital world and is responsible for connecting sensors, machines, products, equipment, systems and people in real time. Through IoT it is possible to generate a significant amount of data. However, to obtain information and benefits through data, it is necessary to associate IoT with other technologies, such as: Business Analytics.

Business Analytics are tools composed of solutions used to analyze and understand realities and information, and assist in decision making. These tools use the data generated through the IoT and transform it into information. In addition, these Artificial Intelligence technical tools are incorporated to assist in the construction of analysis models and simulations to create scenarios, predict future values ​​and identify statistical patterns.

This trend is present in tanneries, since there are different machines, sensors and equipment in which data can be collected and transformed into information to assist in operations management. Given this context, it is important to emphasize that the solutions promoted in ANTARA are converging in this direction.

Today, we have some solution architectures that make it possible to connect machines and equipment from tanneries to carry out data collection. This data is sent to ANTARA and transformed into information to assist in making managing and operational decisions. In addition, we are working to implement artificial intelligence algorithms to assist in different decision-making processes of tanneries.

* Text prepared by SystemHaus Team.

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