We are still looking at the future

In the corporate environment, a company`s ability to think and perform its activities in a different way - with greater efficiency, less cost, more agility - is not exclusively linked to the creation of a product or service. The changes can be operational, strategic or even in the relationship with its customers.

In the last years, Systemhaus has worked on different internal projects with the aim of improving several aspects. One of them is CONECTA SYSTEMHAUS: a source of internal communication content for the company. And we don`t stop there! Systemhaus understands that the success of its business requires all activities to be understood and managed following a process view.

We are living in a dynamic environment in which companies need to reinvent themselves and improve their processes. Therefore, to guide us on this journey of reinvention, in a dynamic and challenging context, we are employing a series of concepts, such as, for example, the Framework - called Galbraith`s Star Model (2002), which works on five aspects: Strategy, Structure, Processes, Reward Systems and People.

This is what we are doing: “redesigning” ourselves; ensuring, above all, the continuous learning of our employees and the constant improvement of our routines and services.

Finally, in 2021, we formalized the Research, Development and Innovation Program (RD&I). Through this program a set of projects was created, which aims, above all, to develop innovative solutions for our customers, either through new features in our product, Antara, or through new services focused on a closer relationship with the market and better service to our customers.

*Text prepared by SystemHaus Team.

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