• A set of technological solutions for the optimization of processes, with the objective of minimizing interruptions and improving controls and industrial activities to increase the productivity and competitiveness of companies.

  • Our service and technology are specifically developed to serve tanneries. In addition to it, we have trained technicians who are able to provide personalized services for each need.

  • We have dozens of connected devices so that managers, wherever they are, can monitor production volumes and parameters, as well as the status of factories

Antara i4.0 brings real-time dashboards with relevant information to your business

  • Production volumes

    Production volumes

    Production volumes in critical operations and/or processes

  • Online monitoring

    Online monitoring

    Online performance and efficiency monitoring for maintenance and production

  • Machine parameters

    Machine parameters

    Machine parameters such as temperature, pressure and others

  • Energy consumption

    Energy consumption

    Equipment energy consumption

Solution features

  • Flexibility


    Antara i4.0 solution allows connection to both modern machines and old machines. Regardless of this issue, our team provides guidance on the right architecture for the scenario encountered.

  • Competitive cost

    Competitive cost

    The solution includes minimum hardware requirements. We seek to maximize the use of resources that the customer already has and, when necessary, we recommend the use of affordable products on the market.

  • Personalization


    The generation of dashboards can be customized to the reality of each tannery, meeting specific requirements and particularities of the process.

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