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State of Art Available to Customers

Developed in Java J2EE platform with open source APIs, Antara is a tool which works with state of art technology always up to date. With a user friendly graphic interface which makes system usage easy and fast, Antara offers the possibility to connect with any database, reducing the costs of acquiring basic software through the use of free databases and operating systems.

Technical Features

Flexibility in customizing Antara's standard modules.
JAVA platform prepared for integration with other software and machines.
Total freedom in accessing the database and development of new modules and/or reports.

Antara's Solution Architecture

Through its high technology, it is possible to get an easy way to connect Antara with other systems. With Antara Integration tool it is possible to exchange data with shop floor machinery. This information can be: recipes and chemical consumption from drum automation, information from measure machines, chemical consumption from spray machines or any other machinery which offers the possibility of integration.

Besides shop floor machinery, Antara Integration tool provides a framework for integration with other systems. In case of a tannery having an administrative system and wishing to have Antara for production control, this tool will provide all facilities and mechanisms to make integration between both systems in a very simple and structured way.

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