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Project Management Methodology to Support Successful Implementation

Antara is a software properly designed to the reality of a tannery and essential to obtain the expected results, however these results are only achieved if the implementation is planned and implemented successfully. The methodology used since the first contacts with the customer till the delivery of the product makes the difference in the success of implementation.

In this scenario, SystemHaus’ project management methodology is the basis to support ANTARA’s implementation. It provides needed predictability for projects in terms of scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, risks, procurement, communication and integration. All of this, aiming not only at financial results, but also the possibility to have a very good and skilled team always motivated in projects.

On the other hand, the difficulty in managing projects is to find the appropriate application tools for the reality of each company. Therefore, qualified and experienced professionals are basic requirements to help in assembling the appropriate way to manage projects. SystemHaus adopted the posture of applying the methodology in practice, giving the first steps in the matter and, little by little, developing and improving the method of management for each executed project.

Using project management methodology in practice makes the customer notice the product quality and also SystemHaus quality, as a company, and it gives a way to differentiate from competitors. From software pre-sales until product delivery, the customer sees SystemHaus commitment with results, mainly because it is an intangible product where management of expectations is crucial, and fundamental requirements for the project success.

Antara’s Implementation Phases

PHASE 1 - Initiating (Project opening and  initial negotiations)
PHASE 2 - Diagnosis (Blueprint phase and Project Planning)
PHASE 3 - Developments (customizations and integrations)
PHASE 4 - Configuration and preparation  (master data review, user acceptance test, workstations configuration, etc.)
PHASE 5 - End User Training and Go-live Preparation
PHASE 6 - Go-live, Hypercare and Project closure

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