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Is a Project Management System implemented in Java.
and oriented to integrated processes
control across projects implementations.


COMPASS the practice areas considering multiple languages, currencies and locations:
Control and follow up of sales force:
Historic of negotiations and contacts of commercial team with customers.
Control of commercial offers generations for customers.
Follow up of sales efficiency.
The new features provide the staff perform their jobs more quickly covering the main areas of knowledge-based projects in the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) published by PMI (Project Management Institute).
Project Dashboard.
Agenda of Project execution.
Resource allocation.
Documentation regarding to training agenda, attendance list and terms of acceptance.
Control of estimates hours x real hours x invoiced hours of the project.
Test scripts.
Control of change requests
Issue tracker during the project.
Report of work hours.
Service desk:
Register attendance time and register the customer requests.
Control of incidents, problems and improvements points.
Control of technical information about the customer for release generation of Antara.
After sales order agreement:
Plan the invoicing against the customer for projects or maintenance fees.
Automatic generation of pay note in reference to services and reimbursement for travel expenses.
Follow up of customer financial position about paid note, past due not and note payable.
Plan and control of travels and its expenses during the project.
Based on standards guidance of ISO 9001:2008 are available the tools to control the ISO requirements:
Document and Record control.
Control of non-conformities.
Control of corrective, preventive actions and improvement opportunities.
Human Resource:
Based on Standards guidance of ISO 9001:2008 are available tools to control the records in reference to training, education, abilities and experience.

Personnel Department:
Historic of personnel performance of the employees.
Control of database administration hours.
Vocation controls.
Control of employeed benefits.
Online documentation of all documentation created during the project, since commercial phase until project ending.
Financial position of the project.
Follow up of the requests open by the customer.
Follow up of issue tracker during the project.
Report of the calls positions during the project and also for support.

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